What was the police doing on the 2nd of May, in Odessa?

How come nobody was saved.
Every day we do recieve more and more interesting fact about events in Odessa. A lot of people still have a question - where was the police?
Here it is. Captured information from the place of events have raised interest around one fact - police was wearing same red bandages as separatist's did.
How is the police interconnected with separatists?
After this article, it is obvious, that police was one of the main provocateurs. They have dressed into civil clothes to be perceived as separatist.

Why the police remained silent about people shooting behind their back? Because exactly police has instructed them.

Please, remember this guy with a gun, who is dressed in gray pants and vest.

Let us start gradually. This man appears on several videos taped. On the first one - he is shooting together with separatists. On the second video - he is riding together with police in their car.

This is the first video, where exactly this man with a gun, dressed in gray pants, is shooting at Ultra's crowd behind policeman's' back


On the second video, the same man is greeting injured colonel Fuchedzi, kindly inviting him to sit into police car. Fuchedzi says - "Do not do it, you stupid! Don't show yourself!". A man with the red bandage is behind him.

We may see a man dressed in gray jacket, who holds some kind of a pillow. He is standing behind the police and watching. On the second video, the same man is covering colonel Fuchedzi with that pillow.

POLICE was not helping anyone, because they were a part of this chaos
Please, tell us if someone know who is that man in the gray jacket. He is either policeman, or personal driver of the colonel Fuchedzi.