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URGENT! On the 25th of May elections of President will take place in Ukraine. Poroshenko will be chosen- the one that controls and pays for mass-media in Ukraine. No Russian-speaking TV is allowed, in opposite way as it was 23 years before. People in Ukraine do not support these elections and Kiev officials do understand that. That is why they are changing places of voting. Which place will one has to go will now be decided upon Election Committee in Kiev. The voters will have to go to any city or Kiev itself, which is controlled by Kiev nationalistic government. This is how this law was adopted on 15th of May, 2014. Click the video.

Mysterious golden bread of Yanukovich.

This article discloses another truth beyond misleading lies of Ukrainian politics.
Numerous stories about the golden bread of Yanukovich has been shown by Ukrainian mass media recently. Untill now, no one has witnessed it, except little plastic copies are being sold at Maidan as souvenirs.

Why bread? Let us take short curse into history of Kiev to know, how current Maidan Government slowly moved Yanukovich from his chair, making him look like a greedy theif.
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In year 2006, two companies ОАО "Киевхлеб" and "Киевмлына", has joint-venutred into "Хлеб Киева" ("Kiev's bread"). This was accomplished while prior mayor of Kiev was in charge. His name is Alexandr Omelchenko. At those time, 51% of shares were acquired by the city.
2008 - "Kiev's Bread" was fully acquired by mayor Leonid Chernovetskiy.

2010 - It became known that the owner attempted to sell the "Bread of Kiev". Attempt failed. It reduces the attractiveness of the asset of the domestic grain market and holding is estimated at about 70 million dollars.

November 13th, 2012 - Leader of "All-Ukrainian Union Freedom" party, Oleg Tyagnibok stated: "Today we have received information that the price of bread is highly increased. It is the revenge of the Party of Regions for people choosing the opposition authorities in Kiev. It is a crime, and for such actions this government will be punished." And the revenge will come in the form of golden bread.

This very essential for Ukrainian government, because they have no groundings behind their arguments and just simply prefers to say "we have received information". They do not have any facts behind their saying.
But we have another facts about how Tyagnibok has been encouraging and calling to strengthen nationalistic aggression towards other people of Russian, German and Jewish nationalities.

After the elections in 2012, Prime-minister Nikolay Azarov has charged the Antimonopoly Committee to understand the reasons for a rise in price, and if found abuse, then the company will be fined equal to 10% from last year's revenue.
President Yanukovich later on in 2012 was present in a opening ceremony at new bread production factory.http://forbes.ua/news/1339792-yanukovich-otkryl-samyj-bolshoj-v-strane-hlebozavod

This is unlikable situation for "Freedom" party members, because they have been receiving income from older factories. The new one is modern, effective and dangerous for their income.

Video from this link shows how representative of the party "Freedom" Igor Shvaika (future Minister of Agricultural Policy after Maidan) accuses Yanukovych closing bread factories and does not mention the opening of a new. Andrey Ilienko from "Freedom" party is together with him in the video, where both are acting accordingly.

2013 - Workers of factory "Kiev's Bread" go on strike near the windows of Prime-minister Azarov. Around 500 workers were fired because of bankruptcy.

4 workers on strike mentions the factory was brought to bankruptcy in favor for other factories to proceed. http://kpravda.com/chetyre-sotrudnicy-stolichnogo-xlebokombinata-12-obyavili-golodovku/ -the article about the strike is written by press secretary Alexander Aronets from "Freedom" party, showing Yanukovich is directly responsible for that. Nothing is mentioned about new factories and new workplaces. This was widely shown on Ukrainian TV channels belonging to the maidan leader Poroshenko (Notice number of michorphones).

2014 - Maidan has conquered "bad government officials" and Yanukovich is packing his goods before escape on helicopter.

20 minutes long video was shown how Yanukovich is packing to escape the country. He exits the building on minute 13.40 with a suitcase in his right hand.In his left hand he has nothing .. and could easily grab and in the left arm 8 kg of gold.
Golden bread should approximately weight 8 kg and not 2-3 as stated in Ukrainian mass media.

Did somebody ever held this bread in his hands?
Who did mentioned this bread for the first time ever, therefore accusing Yanukovich in everlasting greed?
It was the press secretary of the party " Freedom ", party opposing to Yanukovich government and already familiar to us Aronets Alexander .
That's the only picture was taken from his blog on the Internet.

Famous golden bread has never reached museum…

… and was not found by anyone in residence. No golden toilets were found as well.

Actually, Yanukovich and Yatsenyuk are living next to each other in Mezhigorie

According to the Guard of Mezhigorie, Denis Tarahkotelik, he has sayed that no one ever seen the golden bread.
Alexander Aronets, already known man from maidan party of Ukraine, political party of “Freedom”, has been streaming video from Yanukovich residence.

Unfortunately, there was nothing in the stream about golden bread, except the only picture made by Aronets.
Aronets is the same man from “Freedom” party who has reported a strike of 4 people from closed old factory.

This is the revenge Yanukovich gets for opening modern bread factory and closing the old one which belong to the “Freedom” party. This is the whole reason for the appearance of golden bread and not golden watermelon or golden massage kit.
If Yanukovych’s golden bread is truth - SHOW WORLDWIDE THIS TRUTH, Ukrainian media!

If it's a lie, a lie of a Ukrainian media, understand that are now spreading lies not only about golden bread.
And about the maidan, about change for the better, about fascism, about executions of civilians,
What is more crucial - about the future president.

Переписка министра внутренних дел Украины

Оригинал взят у ntv в Переписка министра внутренних дел Украины
Удивительно, что кому-то приходит в голову выкладывать взлом фейсбука министра внутренних дел Украины в выходной день, но такие люди находятся.


В качестве доказательств взломщики приводят скриншоты фейсбука, залогиненного из под аккаунта Авакова. Скриншотов целая пачка. Вместе с ними идет архив сообщений переписки с громадянами Балутой, Найемом и Яремой. Как обычно, разберем свежий слив с подробностями и деталями :)

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WANTED: Fuchedzi, where are you?

Fuchedzhi, former head of police in Odessa region has escaped the country.
Fuchedzhi worked as deputy head of the police of Odessa region on issues of public safety and was present during events in Odessa on the 2nd of May.

Arsen Avakov who is now head of internal affairs said that Dmitry Fuchedzhi wanted.

"Approximately at 5am Mr. Fuchedzhi 5am has crossed the border of Ukraine and disappeared from the investigation, he declared wanted ," - said Avakov.

As reported,Fuchedzhi worked as head of police in Odessa region on issues of public safety and in person was at the center of Odessa May 2, during violent clashes of pro-Russian and pro-Ukrainian activists , which led to numerous casualties .

He also served as chief of the regional police department on May 4 , when the municipal government after the storming of the Interior police released the detained pro-Russian activists.

More than 160+ people were buried inside Odessa Labor House building.EXTREME VIDEO + PHOTO

Well, this is really difficult to write. If you are not ready, better read it sometime after.

As locals from Odessa are coming back to everyday life, it is now clear - there are way much more than 38 people dead.
The number of 38 dead bodies represent only those, who were found inside the Labor Union building. One does not have to be an expert to admit few strange things.
First. The bodies found inside the building tell us a lot. How come the wooden planks, wooden panel on the battery, wooden handrails on the stairs are totally safe, if the body is hardy burned?
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Second. This body was carried. You may see it from the traces of white nature on the floor. This is the powder from fire extinguisher, which was probably used to safely reach the body after the man was dying in flames. The other man was shot into head, because there is a blood spill around his head.

Third. If there was a fire, how could the clothes and glasses stay untouched? Noticeably, most of the bodies are found with burned head, hands are missing. Probably, people were poured with highly flammable liquid on their head. So then it does makes sense why the hands are missing, because they were trying to brush off this substance from the top. Corrosive, caustic substances like napalm have burned the bones.

Fourth. This is the body of a woman wihtout any pants or skirt. She might have been raped and then, as it happened to the other, poured with flamable liquids (look ath her head and hands).

Fifth.The body of killed PREGNANT woman is laid back over the table in unusual position. The monitor is thrown away, there are wires around her neck. A flower is thrown down as a sign of a struggle. And there are no traces of fire or choking smoke in the room!

Moreover, thankfully, people know how to count. Witnesses sayed there were around already around 50 (!) people on the roof. (interview - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JitM1c42LH4). The other witness tells there were more than 116 dead bodies found while taking them out from the building. Both of them have mentioned people were killed inside. Both of them has mentioned the woman with two children killed. So to say, two day after the massacre, people have found empty ampules which contained ammonia gases.

Moreover, while the genocide was proceeding, lots of dead bodies were carried out. Take a look at those beaten heads, bodies, etc.

And who knows how many were killed, if the building was closed for cleaning procedures. It is really strange, that the rooms without any damages were renovated as quickly as possible - just per 1 day.
And wow - a bloody axe was found there.

Some days ago new video has boomed - there really were killers inside. You may hear screams even before the fire. Afterwards flag was popped out from the window.

And finally, name it. This is nazism.

What was the police doing on the 2nd of May, in Odessa?

How come nobody was saved.
Every day we do recieve more and more interesting fact about events in Odessa. A lot of people still have a question - where was the police?
Here it is. Captured information from the place of events have raised interest around one fact - police was wearing same red bandages as separatist's did.
How is the police interconnected with separatists?
After this article, it is obvious, that police was one of the main provocateurs. They have dressed into civil clothes to be perceived as separatist.

Why the police remained silent about people shooting behind their back? Because exactly police has instructed them.

Please, remember this guy with a gun, who is dressed in gray pants and vest.

Let us start gradually. This man appears on several videos taped. On the first one - he is shooting together with separatists. On the second video - he is riding together with police in their car.

This is the first video, where exactly this man with a gun, dressed in gray pants, is shooting at Ultra's crowd behind policeman's' back


On the second video, the same man is greeting injured colonel Fuchedzi, kindly inviting him to sit into police car. Fuchedzi says - "Do not do it, you stupid! Don't show yourself!". A man with the red bandage is behind him.

We may see a man dressed in gray jacket, who holds some kind of a pillow. He is standing behind the police and watching. On the second video, the same man is covering colonel Fuchedzi with that pillow.

POLICE was not helping anyone, because they were a part of this chaos
Please, tell us if someone know who is that man in the gray jacket. He is either policeman, or personal driver of the colonel Fuchedzi.

Чем 2 мая занималась милиция в Одессе

Как и почему никого не спасали.
Каждый день все более интересные факты всплывают о событиях в Одессе. Многие задаются вопросом – где была милиция?
А вот она. Отснятый материал с места событий уже давно помог заметить одну странность – на руках милиции и некоторых сепаратистов были повязаны красные ленты. Как между собой связаны милиция и сепаратисты?

Милиция стала одним из провокаторов.Она прикинулась сепаратистами,переодевшись в гражданскую одежду, да бы их приняли за сепаратистов.
Почему милиция молча смотрела на стреляющих из-за их спин людей? Потому что именно милиция их и инструктировала.

Запомните этого мужчину с автоматом, который одет в серые штаны и тельнягу.

Начнем с малого. Этот бравый молодец появляется на нескольких видео. На одном - он стреляет вместе с сепаратистами. На другом - он уже катается в машине милиции.

Вот первое видео,на котором тот самый человек с автоматом в серых штанах,каске и маске стреляет в толпу Ультрасов за спинами ментов.

На втором видео,этот же человек встречает раненого полковника Фучеджи, ласково приглашает начальника МВД Одессы Фучеджи проехаться в автомобиле. Голос Фучеджи - «НЕ НАДО, ДУРАК! НЕ СВЕТИСЬ!». Рядом с ним человек в красной повязке.

На первом видео – человек в пиджаке с подушкой находится рядом с милицией. Стоит сзади,наблюдает. На втором видео,этот же человек прикрывает подушечкой Фучеджи.

МИЛИЦИЯ бездействовала,потому как сама была участником беспорядков.
Сообщите,если кто-то узнает мужика в сером пиджаке.Он либо мент,переодетый в гражданскую одежду,либо личный водитель Фучеджи.


English sbutitles
Operator: Tell us about yourself, about what has happened and about past 72 hours that you have experienced.
Witness: On the 2nd of May, we were warned, that we will be forced to spread.
Operator: Whom exactly do you mean by “we”?
We are the people, who came to the Kulikovo Field to communicate and spend our time. We knew each other well, recognized familiar faces. For example, sometimes, we were gathering for meetings with each other. So, we have been told that… they want to bulldoze us to the ground. And for that reason lots of people are coming to our city. We knew that. But on the other hand, we were hoping that in case if more ordinary people would come to the place (grandmothers, grandfathers, and women like me) they would not do anything to us. That is the reason why those who could came to the Kulikovo field. Moreover, it was a concert where Afghan soldiers have performed. With my own eyes I have seen that a woman together with two boys (one was from 10 to 12 years old, the second was younger) have stopped by to see the performance. All of us have grouped and started to discuss about what to do, how we are going to act for savior, what will then happen, because we have been told that in the city center people already were fighting. Afterwards, we have tried to check how much money we have for bandages, plasters. Suddenly, we have been informed that the crowd is coming and we better run as fast as possible with medical supplies available. Urgently trying to take whatever bandages we have had, we have ran to the building. The woman and two little boys I have mentioned have moved together with us. And they… and they…. they were burned to death in this building.
Operator: With children?!
With two children. The woman, which was simply walking in the center. All the women, old man have entered the building. Most of the man who were capable to fight headed to the city center, trying to stop the moving crowd. So, we were here alone – those who simply were not able to run. And so inside the building, everyone has chaotically started to run. I have personally been handing out medical supplies I managed to carry for the people on various floors in case of injury. We did not know if anybody was protecting the building and we did not know who was downstairs at that moment. I was also thinking to deliver the water to the people, because we were expecting that they might throw smoke bombs at us. So, after that everyone started to run to the top, shouting that two first floors are occupied and our people are now being killed. We have also seen the flame and smoke appearing from the lower floors. Because of the fire and smoke we were barely able to see at the moment when we have reached the roof. Everybody who was able to move got to the roof. After that nearly an hour was needed to catch our breath. Barricades were build, because we knew that no one will come to save us. No one. And here we are, sitting…
There was also a young guy, who came to our meeting for the first time. We got known with each other at the 1st of May. The guy was from Illichivsk. He was feeling really cold at the roof. I remember as he told “In Illichivsk I have heard about Kulikovo Field. I came to see the performance and now I am on the roof”. So all of those people on the roof have been persuaded to get down thought the rioters. First two man who have agreed to go down, were told that special passageway amongst the rioters will be granted to exit the building. Two youngest man have been led over there over the corridor where they have been beaten so much cruelly that the rest of the people refused to go downstairs. Four of five times after that, we have been persuaded again to get downstairs. Those of us who agreed – were moving by the same passageway amongst the rioters.
Operator: How many of you have been here?
We were around 50 people on the roof at the beginning and then 13 of us got downstairs.
Operator: How many women has there been amongst 50 of you?
Women.. As I remember – twelve. One woman has slipped and injured her leg badly. One of her bones has been somehow dislocated. It was a huge luck that one of our guys was a doctor, who had painkillers with him. Right on that roof we have provided first aid to that woman. That doctor afterwards have called to the hospital informing about the woman. We have moved the woman with injured leg to the ladder. Nothing is known about what afterwards has happened to her, but we have contacted police or ambulance (I do not know who exactly they were) and they took her out. We hope she was successfully moved from the building as we know nothing about her fate for today. One by one, man and women started to move out from the roof.
Operator: What has happened after the roof?
All of us who have escaped from the roof have been taken to police. Women and man has told us, that when they have been awaiting in the car for others to come down from the roof, the rioters were hitting them. I have been placed to the last car at around half past three. While we have been in the car, tires of the car has been punctured. I have found out that we have arrived to the police station with punctured wheels. Police have moved 11 people to one car and the other to another. First group has been awaiting for the rest since two o’clock in the night.
Operator: Tell us about how you have been kept at the police office.
Listener: So those rioters were from Odessa city?
All of them have arrived by two trains. That is why they were also so proud. Pretending to be football fans, two trains have arrived to Odessa. We saw them rioting at two o’clock in the night. Two more buses arrived when most of the people were dead and we were sitting on the roof. So also they went to destroy other places in the city.
Operator: I am sorry, please, tell us about how you have been kept at the police office.
When we have arrived to the police at 3:30 am, everything was filled up. Everybody from the roof place were situated at the police, simply standing in the overcrowded corridors. Straight right from the roof, all dirty, messy, bloody, we were placed in to those corridors sitting until the mid-day. Somewhere around mid-day police officers started to speak to us.
Operator: So.. So you mean only at the mid-day?
Yes, around the mid-day..
Operator: At what time, approximately?
Well, after 12 pm they have only started to move.
Operator: Did they gave any food?
No, they did not. Food in the packages was brought to us by people from the street. We were eating sandwiches there. Also, people have brought water to us. Police officers did not give us anything - neither water nor tea.
Operator: Any medical help?
Yes, there was a doctor, who bandaged the injured people. People, who were caught on the streets, have had lots of bandages because they were beaten very hard.
Operator: So what are you accused in?
We are accused in mass disorders, in rioting... 4-5 articles were included in the protocols of the man. Article for killing people was also included. Article 208.. Oh,I.. No, I will not show it. I have told the police officers, that I should have better stayed on the roof. But we were threatened that people are ready to set on fire the roof and we better should move out. While on the roof, we were thinking if we should better be burned or get beaten to death downstairs.
Operator: Do you have anything to tell to Odessa city and to the rest of the world?
I have to say to the whole Odessa. Right now we were crushed. They have tasted the blood and freedom from any responsibility. Those people, they are Ultra’s. They are hired to smash people. They will not stop. They will not be induced by anything, but they have been killing police officers. Still ,nobody will blame them for anything. You think they will stop?! This riot of 5 thousand crazy people – who can stop them?!
Operator: Were there only Ultra’s or … ?
I do not know who was downstairs, but they have been screaming whole night as mad. “Odessa is ours, hurray!”, “Odessa is Ukraine”, “Glory to Ukraine” and all other nationalistic phrases. It was already dark, but there were tons of them everywhere around. And I am pretty sure this huge crowd may not be controlled by anyone, therefore no one is guaranteed in what may happened tomorrow. Even police officers were not able to stop them. They may even capture almost every police station if they would like to. Police is not able to control them. Police was protecting us in the car, because the riot wanted to get us finished.
Operator: Thank you very much and I am really sorry that you had to remember once again about this hard events..
I did not realize events yet. I will remember them later.
Operator: Thank you very much…
We have also been asked if there were any locals. Everybody on the roof were from Odessa city. People of 4th or 5th generation of families living in Odessa. There was a boy from Illichivsk. Everybody was from Odessa or it’s districts. Everybody were registered in Odessa.
Listener: You know there were rumors that people in the building were Russian…