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More than 160+ people were buried inside Odessa Labor House building.EXTREME VIDEO + PHOTO

Well, this is really difficult to write. If you are not ready, better read it sometime after.

As locals from Odessa are coming back to everyday life, it is now clear - there are way much more than 38 people dead.
The number of 38 dead bodies represent only those, who were found inside the Labor Union building. One does not have to be an expert to admit few strange things.
First. The bodies found inside the building tell us a lot. How come the wooden planks, wooden panel on the battery, wooden handrails on the stairs are totally safe, if the body is hardy burned?
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Second. This body was carried. You may see it from the traces of white nature on the floor. This is the powder from fire extinguisher, which was probably used to safely reach the body after the man was dying in flames. The other man was shot into head, because there is a blood spill around his head.

Third. If there was a fire, how could the clothes and glasses stay untouched? Noticeably, most of the bodies are found with burned head, hands are missing. Probably, people were poured with highly flammable liquid on their head. So then it does makes sense why the hands are missing, because they were trying to brush off this substance from the top. Corrosive, caustic substances like napalm have burned the bones.

Fourth. This is the body of a woman wihtout any pants or skirt. She might have been raped and then, as it happened to the other, poured with flamable liquids (look ath her head and hands).

Fifth.The body of killed PREGNANT woman is laid back over the table in unusual position. The monitor is thrown away, there are wires around her neck. A flower is thrown down as a sign of a struggle. And there are no traces of fire or choking smoke in the room!

Moreover, thankfully, people know how to count. Witnesses sayed there were around already around 50 (!) people on the roof. (interview - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JitM1c42LH4). The other witness tells there were more than 116 dead bodies found while taking them out from the building. Both of them have mentioned people were killed inside. Both of them has mentioned the woman with two children killed. So to say, two day after the massacre, people have found empty ampules which contained ammonia gases.

Moreover, while the genocide was proceeding, lots of dead bodies were carried out. Take a look at those beaten heads, bodies, etc.

And who knows how many were killed, if the building was closed for cleaning procedures. It is really strange, that the rooms without any damages were renovated as quickly as possible - just per 1 day.
And wow - a bloody axe was found there.

Some days ago new video has boomed - there really were killers inside. You may hear screams even before the fire. Afterwards flag was popped out from the window.

And finally, name it. This is nazism.

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