Odessa, 2nd of MAY

To whom it may concern,
This is the letter of an urgency. As it is obvious for everyone, mass-media are always telling various stories about Ukrainian crisis, this letter delivered to show what has happened on 2nd and 3rd of May in various Ukrainian cities. To support the letter with evidences, one may simply click the link with photo or video.Please, have a minute to read,as it may concern your and our future.


On the 2nd of May, 2014, it was an ordinary day in Odessa, Ukraine. Sunny day in the “sea pearl” Odessa of Southern Ukraine did not promised anything bad neither for the city nor for citizens. 2nd of May – was the date, when premier-league match between Odessa "Chernomorets" and Kharkov "Metalist" took place.


Over 1500-2000 of Ukrainian ultra-nationalists and football fans, who arrived from various cities, gathered together after the match, equipped with sticks, stones, and Ukrainian flags, shouting “Glory to the Ukraine, death to enemies”. Enemies were those who refused to agree with nationalists.

Until that day, in Odessa city, there were no murderers or any serious collision between those, supporting one side or another. This aggressive crowd has started to march all over the city, destroying posters, injuring people, taking out the bricks from pavement to throw.

The first victims appeared when Ultra’s crowd has been “welcomed” by approx. 50 citizens of Odessa with ribbon of Saint George in the Grecheskaya street. The ribbon has been used by those, who do not agree with current Kiev government and are called separatists or “terrorists” by the officials.

Suddenly, man from the roof with the red-colored bandage on his arm started to shoot to the crowd. Of course, later on, Ukrainian mass media will blame that on so called separatists against current Kiev government. There is a version,according to wich, people with red bandages were trying to distract rioters from future movement towards Kulikovo Pole.

Moreover, somehow same red bandages were used by police officers in Odessa, which is already a question in comparison with official version. Police did not had enough people to stop this chaos. They have unsuccessfully tried to build a barricade between two parties, but unfortunately were simply passed by.

At this point, Molotov’s cocktails were almost prepared by Ukrainian nationalists. Ultra’s have gathered at Sobor square, while young girls have been smiling and preparing cocktails.

Ukrainian ultra’s has cut off leg of a caught man, while going to Kulikovo Pole. Tens were beaten.

Brutal crowd has re-grouped and moved all together to Kulikovo Pole, where approx.100-200 people (mostly old men and women), counted as “terrorists” have situated. Very quickly, everything on Kulikovo Pole has been set on fire. Some people, who knew they were not able to run from the crowd, have moved in to the Labour Union House.

Molotov’s has been thrown to the building and the fire has started. Another interesting fact is that Ukrainian ultra’s has blocked fire trucks, in order to prevent water access, shouting “let the motherfucker’s burn”.

So, 38 people now dead, women and men, has been blocked in the burning building of Labour house.

8 of them, tried to escape, jumping from the window. If man body has smashed to the ground – ultra has been applauding. Somebody, who was breathing out from the window,was shot by Ultra's activist Mykola.

Those, who did not died because of jumping, were afterwards beaten to the death by Ultra’s on the ground.
Furthermore, here is a post from doctor, who lives in Odessa city.

The other day, on the 3rd of May, people who have tried to stop ultra’s or managed to escape the massacre, have been arrested for terrorism. 2 days of silence and mourning have been established in Ukraine, but only for dead ultra’s, not for those killed by ultra’s. Most cynic version of Ukrainian government is that 38 people have set on fire themselves. On the 3rd of
May, people gathered to bring flowers and to protest against arrested people. Kiev government announced it was legal to create chaos in Odessa and the rioters were not guilty, because people killed themselves inside of the building. Later on, Iryna Farion, nationalist politician published “Bravo, Odessa. Ultra’s and fans are the best rioters. Let the demons burn in hell. Bravo”.

In the social media, Ultra’s have posted pictures of dead bodies with KFC logo.

While massacre in Odessa, another massacre took place between Slavyansk and Kramatorsk cities. Locals of Andreevka village, witnessing Ukrainian armored vehicles entered their hometown, have stood up against new Kiev regime. Solders of militaristic Ukrainian Right Sector have had no doubts – but just to kill 10 people straightforwardly.

Every day people from various cities are attacked by the new Kiev government. Every day , Kiev government are killing people. This actions are approved by US president and Ukrainian new government.
STOP this now.

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